Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffet Endorses Network Marketing

That's right. Bill Gates, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump, and even Warren Buffet has publicly stated that they endorse network marketing. If they had to start all over, they would choose network marketing.

This statement has to be true because it's on the internet and everything on the internet should be taken as facts. Need proof? Just search on Google. There are hundreds of MLM sites that say this. As we all know, MLMers would never lie or make things up.

There are even pictures of Bill Gates with the quote: "If I would be given a chance to start all over again, I would choose Network Marketing." Here's one:

This is undeniable proof that he endorses network marketing. By the way, Satan endorses network marketing as well. Here's proof:

Warren Buffets endorses network marketing as well which is clearly proven by the fact that his investment company, Berkshire Hathaway, acquired Pampered Chef back in 2002.

Why would Buffet buy this company if he doesn't recommend that people get into network marketing? Forget the fact that Pampered Chef is actually a direct selling company that focuses mainly on selling kitchen products to actual customers and that its "consultants" or distributors don't have to buy anything on a monthly basis to stay active like so many other MLM companies do. Also forget the fact that their distributors make most of their money by selling products rather than recruiting.

But hey, who has the time to bother with the details? If Warren Buffet bought a company that is somewhat similar to MLM companies, let's just state that he personally endorses network marketing. Most people won't check the facts anyway.

Usana Founders Endorses Herbalife

That's right. The founders of Usana endorses Herbalife. They have publicly stated that they don't recommend their own products and that Herbalife is a better choice. They also stated that there's something even better than Herbalife, eating small rocks.

You read it right folks. Eating small rocks is healthier than taking Usana or Herbalife vitamins. This has to be true because you're reading it on the internet, a place where everything is true. Where's my source? My uplines told me and they would NEVER lie or state facts they haven't personally researched to be true themselves.

Spread the word because the more people who spread a statement, the more people will believe it and if enough people believe it, according to the universal truth law developed by Einstein, the statement will in fact, become true.

Donald Trump Would Join Network Marketing

Donald Trump was on the Late Show with David Letterman or The Tonight Show with Jay Leno depending on what which network marketer you ask and was asked what he would do if he lost everything and had to start over.

He said, "I would join a network marketing company." The audience laughed. Trump stood up, straightened his tie and said, "That's why I'm up here and you're sitting down there."

This really happened despite no recorded video of it anywhere. It's must've happened because so many network marketers said it happened. Remember, if you could get enough people to repeat a story or statement long enough, it will eventually become a fact. It's a universal law.

ALWAYS believe everything network marketers say regardless of any lack of evidence because what they say WILL eventually become facts.